Healthy Foods Healthy Foods Breakfast Millet meal 200322918 Breakfast Yellow corn and coconut 200322919 Breakfast VegCake 200322920 Breakfast Garri breakfast cereal 200322921 Breakfast Yellow corn Veges 200322922 Breakfast Yellow Corn Meal (Pap) with Avocado 200322923 Breakfast Whole wheat bread with Sesame seeds 200322924 Lunch Roasted plantain 200322925 Lunch African Yam Bean 200322926 Lunch Rice and Oil bean seed 200322927 Lunch Roasted plantain 200322928 Lunch Millet 200322929 Lunch Brown rice 200322930 Soups / Stews Large cut Okra stew 200323004 Soups / Stews Starch stew 200323005 Soups / Stews Pumpkin stew 200323006 Soups / Stews Pepper Fish stew 200323007 Soups / Stews Beeni 200323008 Soups / Stews Okro starch 200323009 Soups / Stews Kuka (Boabab) 200323010 Soups / Stews Okro and pumpkin 200323011 Soups / Stews Egusi stew 200323012 Soups / Stews Bean stew 200323013 Breakfast/Lunch Akara with vegetables and chicken 206294483 Alkaline meal Steamed papaya and bean sauce 206294484 Alkaline meal Pounded yam and vegetable sauce 206294485 Lunch African yam Beans and vegetable sauce 206294486 Dinner Vegetables with bean sauce. 206294487 Snack/breakfast Avocado pear with diced pawpaw 206294488 Snack Plantain and Avocado butter 206294489 Lunch African yam beans with coconut and tomato topping 206294491 Breakfast/ snack Pancake made with Garri (cassava meal) 206294492 Snack Egg with garden egg 206294493 Snack Cheezy snack (Cucumber, tomato and 206294494 Lunch Soy bean with African yam beans AYB and peanut sauce. 206294495 Breakfast Garri with Peanut, Pawpaw, and dates 206294496 Lunch and dinner AYB with vegetables 206294497 Lunch Garri with pawpaw and Okra stew 206294498 Lunch AYB with rice, vegetables and egg 206294499 Lunch AYB with soy sprouts and vegetables 206294500 Breakfast Bread soaked in beaten egg and toasted. Plus sesame seeds 206294501 Breakfast Whole wheat bread with avocado pear slices topped with sesame seeds. 206294502