CeliaPenny  Foundation

         .......Preventing Malnutrition in Africa!

Disease is an outward manifestation of inward disorder.

                          -Celia Penny Moses-Nagbiku

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Nutrient Dense Foods from Orange Flesh Sweet Potato

YouTube Videos- Healthy Recipes with CeliaPenny

Are you a Health Professional and would like to help your patients/client to get better faster, especially in the areas of malnutrition, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental health etc,? 
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About Us

 We promote affordable and healthy food choices with a view to prevent malnutrition and diseases resulting from genetic predisposition and micro-nutrient deficiencies.


Our Vision

To be foremost in eradicating malnutrition and building a virile people who will create jobs in Nigeria.


Our Mission

  • To eliminate health illiteracy by educating people on preservation of micro-nutrients during food preparation
  • To encourage people to live healthy and reduce sicknesses that could promote the use of fake drugs
  • To promote the cultivation and distribution of indigenous foodstuffs that contains adequate micro-nutrients for balanced nutrition.


Our Goal                                                                                                                               

To reduce by half the poverty level in Nigeria by the year 2030. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our Assumption

When people know the right food to eat, they make demands for them. With demand comes job creation especially in the areas of agriculture, food research, processing, transportation and marketing.  

What Do We Do?

We promote affordable and healthy food choices with a view to prevent malnutrition as well as diseases resulting from genetic predisposition and micro-nutrient deficiencies.


Media Advocacy (TV, Radio & Magazines)

Training/Workshops and cooking demonstrations on Healthy Foods

                                                                  ABOUT THE PRESIDENT

                                          Celia Penny Moses-Nagbiku                                                                                                       Epigenetic Nutrition Educator

Celia Penny Moses-Nagbiku is an Epigenetic Nutrition Educator, she specialises in overall wellness with special interests in malnutrition and premature ageing. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University, Whitethorn, California, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Genetics from the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.  

She is the founder of the CeliaPenny Gene-Nutrition Solutions in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also the President of a not-for-profit organisation CeliaPenny Foundation for the Prevention of Malnutrition in Africa.                                                                               

She is currently coordinating Health Professionals for Cellular Medicine in Nigeria. She is also the coordinator of ‘Movement of Life’ a not-for-profit organisation which is a part of Dr. Rath Health Foundation in the Netherlands.  She acts as a bridge between the medical experts / researchers around the world and the lay public. She simplifies and communicates nutritional information to give understanding on safe and affordable local foods that are nutrient dense. This will help eradicate Health Illiteracy and Prevent Malnutrition in our communities.

She has an interest in improving the lives of other people and does not advocate a fad diet which is transient. Neither does she propose that any one-miracle food or drink can cure you of the incurable and make you an overnight super-model. She encourages you to ‘birth a habit’.

She believes in timely medical attention when needed. Given the current nutrient depletion from our foods, we all need nutrients through supplements. However supplements in high doses for specific reasons should be taken under the supervision of a competent health practitioner who is familiar with any unfavourable side effects. Her passion for preventing premature ageing (a result of malnutrition), by restoring the body's biochemical balance is evident. Being over 55 and looking great proves her point - it is doable!!!